Low Voltage Pulse Discharge!

Images are coming, be patient

I have 4 100000uF 25V electrolytic capacitors. I have them connected in parallel and the charger is a small 3W 24V DC power supply. The total energy storage possible is 125 Joules, and with 24 volts the maximum possible energy is 115.2 Joules. This makes quite a bang when "crowbarred."

I connected 4 alligator clip leads to the "buss bars:" 2 on each side, one pair for charging and one for discharging. I also clipped my voltmeter onto the buss bars. Then I clipped 2 pennies onto the discharging leads and touched them together. S snap and a flash of sparks ensued, and the pennies were welded together. Woo hoo.

I then made a coil out of 18AWG magnet wire, don't know how many turns, wrapped around a 1/2in PVC pipe. I stuck a hex nut in the pipe and discharged the caps through the coil. The nut kinda slides out the end of the tube, nothing special. I wanted to make a fully fledged coilgun, too bad I didn't want to for very long. I may decide to try coilgunning with my crappy cap bank someday, will be pleased with being able to penetrate a sheet of paper.