Tesla Coil


Here is my Maxwell pulse cap. I purchased four of these off of ebay for a very good deal.
They seem to in good condition besides the scuffs and writing etched into the surface, but hey
it don't matter as long as they work properly eh?

These pictures are in 640x480 pixles resolution for a higher resolution click on the pic.

This is a picture of the front veiw of the capacitor. It is rated for 35KVDC @ 0.03uF with
an inductance of 0.02uH. It is 6" x 4.25" x 2.5" and they work very well.

Here is a side veiw of the female contacts they are a vary odd size and odd threds/in so i found
the closest size and screwed it in.

This is the capacitor on the Tesla coil with its new safety gap, The previous gap was made
from 12awg wire and fired way too much at a very large setting. Also you can see the 2 orange
extension cords warped around. One is for power and the other is for grounding,
I soldered all 3 16awg wires together at each end and put 0.375" adapters
on so it may be fasten to the ground.

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if you have any question or any tips.
last updated 09/28/02

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