Tesla Coil

Spark Gap

Here is my multi-segmented spark gap for my 2.375" coil. It has just been modified by cuting the electrods to
a shorter length. It has a total of 3 gaps I will explain more below.

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This is a picture of my newly modified spark gap. The electrodes used to be 3 inches long,
now they are 2 inces long. Cooling and quenching is provided by a 3 inch fan. The air flows
between the 3 gaps out through the back.

Here you may see that the gaps are easily adjusted and may be move around for a bigger gap size.
The gap is set at 0.192" each gap is 0.064". I have milled groves for the airflow
between the electrodes and for the bolts to move the gaps.

The electrodes are made from a copper pipe that was cut in to 3" segments and are 1.125" in diameter,
but following some advice from the Tesla Mailing list I cut them down to 2.125". They are held
in place by aluminum C Channel, it is 0.875" wide, 2" long and 0.5" tall, this also helps with
cooling the gaps. I have used the previous version of this spark gap and worked very
well. This is also a great deal quieter than previous gaps that were used before
because this one is enclosed in plastic.

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last updated 09/28/02

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