Tesla Coil

Primary & Base

Here are some pictures of the primary support.

They are in 320x240 pixles resolution for a higher resolution in 2048x1536 pixles click on the pic.

This is a here is a picture of the primary coil of my 2nd
mini tesla coil, the primary supports on the first coil
I made were removed to make a total of 6.75 tuns max.

This is a close up of one of the supports, there are 4 which were
made from 0.5" Plexiglas. Each one was drilled with six holes with
them all aligned on a mill and groves were milled down to the holes.
Notice the frost look its from super glue. Note only use one drop.

Here is a pic of the primary support for my 6.65" coil
next to the primary support on its table for the 2.375" coil.

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if you have any question or any tips.
last updated 09/28/02

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