Here are some interesting places to visit.

Albuquerque Journal - Good place to check out science news, with some good links.

All Electronics - cheap electronic parts

High Voltage Technology Home Page - HV Capacitors for Tesla coil use

Surplus sales of Nebraska - HV Caps for tesla coil use

Tesla Mailing List Home Page - Primo Tesla Site

The Bell Jar - The site which is dedicated to the perfection of nothing

The Farnsworth Chronicles - A Top Notch Site which tells the life story of Philo T. Farnsworth

Keely Net - Free Energy, Gravity Control, Electronic Health

Bob Paddock's Web Page - Chemical Free Air Conditioning/No CFC's, Chronic Pain Relief, Electromedicine, Electronics, Explore!, Free Energy, Full Disclosure, KeelyNet, Matric Limited, Neurophone, Oil City PA, Philadelphia Experiment.  and .

Grim Corona - Good site for the new coiler. Has good info on souping up neon transformers.


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