In February 2001, Ross Overstreet came to Fort Worth, Texas for our first "Tubeathon".  Below are a few pics of the event.

Ross's vacuum tube coil.  A very serious transformer makes up the plate supply, and a vacuum cap allows tuning.


A close-up of the system.


Wild Bill Emery posing with Ross's conventional coil.  This coil kicked out 72 inch sparks with one neon transformer as the power supply!  This is a record for a neon transformer driven coil.  The secondary is coated with Glaze coat, and is one of the prettiest coils any of us have ever seen.


This is Ross's conventional coil in action.


Above is Ross's Quarter shrinker/wire exploder/general mayhem machine.  The silver cylinder at the bottom is the triggertron high voltage switch.  The capacitor is on the bottom shelf, and the cart construction makes the heavy machine much easier to move about.  The control cabinet on top serves double duty as the controller for Ross's conventional coil.  Rumour has it that he also uses this same controller to operate his Mr. Coffee machine.


Phil Rembold and Ross Overstreet check out a short in the controller.  During testing, a small panel indicator lamp exploded violently, burning Ross's finger.  The following photo shows the barbequed digit.


Ouch!  Ross shrugged off the pain and kept on coiling.


Photo of Ross's conventional coil lined up next to the Fort Worth Wart Hog.

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