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DARPA 96-079 Title: Intelligent Contol for Automated Vehicles: A Decision-Aiding Method for Coordintion of Multiple Uninhabited Tactical Aircraft Abstract: An open problem confronting Uninhabited Tactical Aircraft (UTA) is the control concept for their successful operation in combat. Unlike reconnaissance UAVs, it will not be practical to operate UTAs with fully pre-programmed missions nor will it be possible to continuosly fly with them from remote cockpits. A new control paradigm is needed. One that supports a full range of intervention from direct control to supervisory control to intermittent periods of full autonomy. This proposal defines such a new paradigm Intelligent Control for Automated Vehicles (ICAV). The technology for ICAV traces its heritage to associate systems, decision aiding systems that follow the leadership of a human controller, but are capable of autonomous actions within bounded authority. The control station and the UTA mission package without requiring continuosly high band width data links. The single controller can support multiple UTAs due to the inherent decision aiding at interface provided by ICAV. In addition to defining the ICAV concept, this study will develop a small-scale work station based manned prototype and exercise the prototype against a UTA strike scenario. Prototype results will be used to estimate key design and performance parameters of ICAV concept.