Table Top II Tesla Coil

                      (Mini 4)



          Mini 4 inch coil producing 30 inch arcs to ground.


You can see it in action here:


Mini 4 (1.7M .avi)

Mini 4 (217K .wmv)


I ran the coil outside without a breakpoint.  It was quite impressive!


You can see it running outside here:


Mini 4 Outside




Primary Coil                        

Wire Diameter .25 in           
Wire Spacing .25 in
Center Diameter 7.5 in


Secondary Coil

Single build magnet wire
22 AWG
Wire Length 751.8 ft
Wire Weight 1.46 lbs
Wire Resistance 12.2 ohms
Coil Height 18 in
Coil Diameter 4.25 in
Coil H/W Ratio 4.2 : 1
Coil Turns 676.0
Inductance 10.36 mH
Capacitance 7.51 pF



Cap 10 nF
Resonate Cap 6.6 nF



NST V Out 15 kV
NST I Out 30 mA
NST Input V 120 V
NST Input F 60 Hz
NST VA 450.0
NST Watts 462.7 W
NST Impedance 500 Kohms



Ring Diameter  4 inches

Overall Diameter  15 inches