Secondary Coil Winding Jig


The new winding jig works way beyond what I could have imagined!  I wound a new 6 inch coil in 20 minutes!

I blew up my garage door opener during first light of the original 6 inch coil. When I bought the new opener, I was left with all kinds of useful hardware.

And I now had an extra screw drive rail system!

I made a 6 foot C-rail from 2x4's, shortened the screw drive rail and mounted it inside the C-rail. I bolted right angle brackets to the part that moves along the rail to lift the garage door and used the frame from the motor gear drive assembly from the old opener as the pivot point for the axel to ride in. A shortened 6 foot length of 3/8 inch all thread fits perfectly and rides smoothly inside the bearings the motor shaft used to rotate in.

By rotating the end of the screw drive shaft, I can accommodate PVC tubes up to 5 feet long.  The restriction is due to the fact that I could not find an all thread rod longer than 6 feet.  We lose almost 12 inches at the end that connects to the motor. 

I've cut disks from 3/4 inch plywood that currently support 4 inch and 6 inch PVC.  I plan to cut disks to hold 8 inch and 10 inch PVC also.  These disks are screwed together but are easily adjusted by moving the nuts and washers that hold them in place on the all thread.

I was fortunate enough to find a Dayton gear motor on eBay for a very reasonable price. Grainger charges way too much for these things.

Here are the technical specifications for the gear motor:

Manufacturer: DAYTON Mfg.
Model#: 1L533
157 RPM Right Angle AC Gear motor
Phase1-Ph Motor TypePSC
Gear Ratio 10:1
Voltage @ 60 Hz 115/230, @ 50 Hz 110/220
Full Load Current 1.3/0.70 Amps
Thermal Protection - None
Overhung Load 200 Pounds
Rotation Reversible
Enclosure Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
Motor Type Permanent Split Capacitor - Capacitor Included
Input Power 1/15 HP
Full Load Torque 20 Inch Pounds