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Reed Irion & I though about building some homebrew CNC stuff so I did a little research and put the resuts here.  No original content.  Only contains links and good stuff I found on the web!

Advanced Tesla Coil Spark Gaps

The spark gap is an essential component of a Tesla Coil.  It is the switch that dumps the energy stored in the primary capacitor into the primary circuit.  The surge of energy into the primary LC tank enables a properly tuned Tesla Coil to reach increadibly high voltages through electrical resonance and produce the beautiful plasma displays that we so dearly love.  I use the term "advanced" because that the following gaps are usually reserved for higher powered, more sophisticated coils than those that employ the TCBOR gaps that most beginner coils use (including mine).


(1) Synchronous Rotary Spark Gap


- most efficient (longest spark per power input)
- forces firing to coincide with theoretical optimums


(a) TCML Post by Chuck Curran explaining various motor types in layman's terms

(b) -Tutorial on modifying AC motors for synchronous operation.

(2) Variable Speed Rotary Spark Gap


- excellent for DC Tesla Coils
- wonderful sound as coil "winds up"

- Ed Wingate's Opinion on best motors, pics of Ed's gap

(3) Brian Basura's Blown Static Gap


- Desinged as a static gap that can withstand higher power than typical TCBOR

- less prone to erosion, easy to clean and inspect

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