Photos Taken by Kevin Ottalini

Scans from the developer.  They aren't too good so better ones are on the way... 
Better captions and more pics coming soon!  7/13/00.  ALL PICS ARE CLICKABLE

004_2b.jpg (167065 bytes) Kevin's DC Coil
006_4b.jpg (66601 bytes) Bunch of coils running at once
008_6b.jpg (249782 bytes) Mike Loftus is in the cage.  Look at my coil GO!  YeeeHa.  Brian's coil is on the left with the really hot (white) arcs.  Brian is running a PT and a SRSG while I only have a single depotted NST and a static gap.
009_7b.jpg (258084 bytes) Mike is still in the cage
101_0a.jpg (131716 bytes) Kevin's Mark Bank  (description ripped from one of his emails)

The system that I showed at the SoCal Teslathon is a

9V (6ea C) battery operated 600kv (max) spark generator

(see the attached pic). The total power is a whopping

10 watts with one spark every second or two. I was

probably running at about 300KV or perhaps 400KV after

I adjusted it a little (the whole unit was only a few

days old ...).



103_2a.jpg (109497 bytes) Kevin's DC Coil.