Hey, it's a start...  Better captions and more pics coming soon!  7/13/00.  ALL PICS ARE CLICKABLE

load_up.jpg (179243 bytes) Loading up at Alan's house.  From L-R, Beth, Ross, Alan Yang, Jason Shire
overstreet_ac.JPG (159296 bytes) Ross-O's Coil
basura.jpg (171758 bytes) Brian Basura's Coil
kevin_dc.jpg (182276 bytes) Kevin Ottalini's DC Coil
brehend&tang.JPG (186251 bytes) Matt Brehend and Wayne Tang demo the standard beginner Tesla Coil with salt water caps.  Matt shows off his cool home built rotary spark gap with digitally controlled motor.
church.jpg (189107 bytes) Mike Church's coil
curch_psu.JPG (189950 bytes) Mike has an interesting PSU.  That houses 4 15/60s.  The JL doubles as a safety gap
hanson.jpg (187396 bytes) Scott Hanson's coil.  Notice the Maxwell Laser caps.
downtheline.JPG (182890 bytes) A view down the fron line of coils (there is also a rear line)
lewis&krones.JPG (171782 bytes) Brad Lewis and Dan Krones have an interesting RSG from a scrapped spectroscoper(???)
mullins.jpg (169274 bytes) Trent Mullins' Coil
yang.jpg (191025 bytes) Alan Yang's coil.  Alan didn't have a coil ready so several of us loaned him components and he wired them all together.  It wasn't optimal, but did OK for something thrown together in a few hours.
mcnamee.jpg (186925 bytes) Dave McNamee's coil.  Spun AL toroid, wound with Litz wire.  
mini_twin.JPG (183183 bytes) Brian Basura's Mini-Twin


little_coils.JPG (169308 bytes) Cute little coils.  Need to figure out who owns these little guys.
lux_mini.jpg (192568 bytes) Jim Lux's little coil. 
hall.jpg (176661 bytes) Dale Hall's DC single shot coil?  Hey, think he's sponsored by Pepsi? 
small_vdg.JPG (166424 bytes) Small VDG
vdg_unload.JPG (173294 bytes) Rather large VDG being unloaded by Richard Silvera and family
vdg.jpg (191919 bytes) The Silvera VDG fully assembled
kevin_marx.JPG (186618 bytes) Kevin demonstrates his Marx Bank. 
despins_pulse.JPG (189627 bytes) Denis Despins was exploding wires
ross_pulse.JPG (190981 bytes) Ross Overstreet has the quarter-shrinker ready to go!  Stand Back!
aftermath.JPG (166560 bytes) The aftermath.  (Tiny quarter already removed)