Jody Kravitz took these pictures at the SoCal Teslathon 2000
hosted by Brian Basura and Ross Overstreet

~~~ all pics are "clickable" for larger image ~~~

DSCN0021.JPG (46267 bytes)
Brian Basura's Coil

DSCN0022.JPG (47954 bytes)
Brian's Power Controller

DSCN0020.JPG (91788 bytes)
Brian's PT and Primary

DSCN0030.JPG (52676 bytes)
Brian's Famous Mini-Twin

DSCN0017.JPG (54427 bytes)
Ross-O's Coil

DSCN0018.JPG (49996 bytes)
Ross-O's TCBOR Gap

DSCN0019.JPG (52516 bytes)
Ross-O's NST

DSCN0005.JPG (47667 bytes)
Ross-O's Coil

DSCN0010.JPG (45635 bytes)
Kevin Ottalini's Marx Bank

DSCN0011.JPG (79048 bytes)
Close Up of Marx

DSCN0056.JPG (42264 bytes)
Close Up of small gaps

DSCN0055.JPG (76397 bytes)
Power supply for Marx

DSCN0023.JPG (29662 bytes)

DSCN0024.JPG (39782 bytes)

DSCN0034.JPG (48884 bytes)
Beautiful Plate Capacitor
by David McNamee

DSCN0035.JPG (85874 bytes)
Secondary of Litz Wire

DSCN0001.JPG (85757 bytes)

DSCN0002.JPG (38468 bytes)

DSCN0003.JPG (30600 bytes)

DSCN0004.JPG (42973 bytes)

DSCN0009.JPG (83077 bytes)

DSCN0006.JPG (74239 bytes)
SRSG by Bill Wysock

DSCN0007.JPG (61874 bytes)
SRSG by Bill Wysock

DSCN0008.JPG (46088 bytes)

DSCN0013.JPG (47117 bytes)
Kevin Ottalini's DC Coil

DSCN0012.JPG (92498 bytes)
Paralleled PT's

DSCN0014.JPG (49424 bytes)
Kevin Ottalini's DC Coil

DSCN0025.JPG (38427 bytes)
Dale Hall's battery powered TC

DSCN0015.JPG (98669 bytes)
Trent Mullin's TC
DSCN0016.JPG (94225 bytes) DSCN0057.JPG (116558 bytes) DSCN0028.JPG (58743 bytes)

DSCN0026.JPG (109100 bytes)

DSCN0027.JPG (80800 bytes)

DSCN0031.JPG (93335 bytes)

DSCN0029.JPG (88191 bytes)

DSCN0058.JPG (49397 bytes)
Alan Yang's improvised TC


DSCN0032.JPG (67338 bytes)

DSCN0039.JPG (47146 bytes)

DSCN0037.JPG (57367 bytes)

DSCN0036.JPG (92360 bytes)

DSCN0052.JPG (83391 bytes)

DSCN0041.JPG (97125 bytes)

DSCN0040.JPG (53465 bytes)

DSCN0050.JPG (76238 bytes)
Alberta Chu getting it all on film

DSCN0053.JPG (66988 bytes)

DSCN0054.JPG (32546 bytes)
Nick Ritter of kVA fame

DSCN0033.JPG (98425 bytes)
Denis Despin's exploding wire rig

DSCN0061.JPG (71932 bytes)
close-up of diode string

DSCN0038.JPG (101485 bytes)
people about to get deafened by the exploding wire rig


DSCN0063.JPG (75207 bytes)
Blast area of Ross-O's quarter shrinker
DSCN0062.JPG (46893 bytes)
Ross firing the pneumatic trigger
DSCN0059.JPG (29290 bytes)
Trigatron (triggered spark gap)
DSCN0060.JPG (33206 bytes)
HV PSU for the trigatron

DSCN0043.JPG (31494 bytes)
close up of shrunken quarter
(about 8.9 kJ)

DSCN0044.JPG (44618 bytes)
tried 2 quarters at once.  Minor shrinkage, notice imprint of wings

DSCN0042.JPG (52398 bytes)
Various shrunken quarters


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� 2001 by Ross Overstreet and Jody Kravitz