Mini Twins Project

This project is still in the construction stage.

The Secondaries are made from PVC electrical conduit.

The stainless steel balls came from a garden shop yard decoration.



Secondary Coils

Secondary Wire Diameter (IN) 0.0159
Secondary Coil Total Outside Diameter (IN) 1.07
Length of Each Secondary Coil Form(IN) 7.5
Length of Each Secondary Coil Winding(IN) 6.5
Secondary Wire Gauge 26
Secondary Turns/Inch 55.55
Secondary Turns 361
Measured Inductance Alpha Coil (mH) 0.526
Measured Inductance Beta Coil (mH) 0.523
Radius (IN) 0.535
Circumference (IN) 3.362
Wire Length (FT) 101
Calculated Self-Capacitance (pF) 2.46
Calculated Secondary Frequency (kHZ) 4450
Calculated Secondary Frequency W/Sphere (kHZ) 2850

Terminal Capacitors (2)

Each Sphere Radius (IN) 1.25
Calculated Sphere Capacitance (PF) 3.55

PSpice Schematic

PSpice FFT Output

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