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<~ 6" Tesla Coil ~>


That PVC-Tube becomes secondary. It has 16 cm dia. and a lenght of 80cm.

That my selfmade winding mechine. Only two fixed staffs...

Another view of my WM...

Finished wounded tube was ripped with normal Rally-Lacquer on base of epoxyd-resin.
Secondary and primary tube (1cm dia.)
Thats the primary base (800x800).
I´m filing the holder for primary.
The first outfit ;o)
I wait the glue becomes solid...
First I´ve built about 90 beer bottle capacitors, it wasn´t a acceptable result, so I´ve taken my old MMC with 25nF the right value for that Coil if i take my 10kV/75mA NST.
But it won´t take long my MMC looked like that....

So I´ve ordered the doorknoobs. 3300pF at 10kV from . There are from the ukraine or russian army, I think.

Thats my first model of variable capacitor holder. There are brass lines for contact.

Here you can see the details.

Good idea I thought, but....

the caps looked like this after the first run. It arcs from on pole to the other...

That the `blackbox´ *hehe ;o)*

It consists of special plastic that resist agressiv liquids.

I want to put the caps into the oil filled `blackbox´ for insulate them.
The "complete" coil...but I don´t like the toroid.
More Picture coming very soon !!!