Spark Gap

 Basic ideas used to construct this TCBOR / RQ static gap is given in file 
The construction of this type of gap was originally described in a video tape by the Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond (TCBOR).  Tesla Coil hobbyist Richard Quick (RQ) published the ideas seen in this tape on the internet and the gap design quickly became known as the "RQ" gap.

All pictures are "clickable"

NEW_GAP.JPG (110304 bytes)

Revised spark gap design

This design uses radial flow between the copper pipe electrodes.  I never went above .180" so I discarded the unused electode.  I made the slots by drilling a row of holes and then hogging out the remainder with my dremel.  Not real pretty, but it works GREAT

NEW_GAP1.JPG (125573 bytes)

Here is a top view of the modified TCBOR gap.   This photo also shows a nice shot of the "bottom end" of my latest coil mod (Model 1B).  You see the MMC capacitor on the left hand side, PFC cap on the right, and a RC filter hanging off each HV terminal of the enhanced NST.

gap_all.JPG (113425 bytes)


Original RQ / TCBOR Style Static Spark Gap

This gap contains 8 sections of copper pipe each spaced at .030".
The fan aids quenching and keeps things cool.


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