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  Analog Products Selector Guides  
Document # Description
SG1000CR/D   SPS Product Selector Guide Cross-Reference - Quarter 2, 2003
SG1002/D   Analog Selector Guide - Quarter 2, 2003  
SG1011/D Software and Development Tools Selector Guide - Quarter 2, 2003  
SG187/D Automotive Selector Guide-Quarter 2 2003  
SG2000CR/D   Application Selector Guide Index and Cross-Reference.
SG2002/D Body Electronics  
SG2006/D Application Summary Chassis/Safety - Anti-Lock Braking Systems are designed to maintain control and stability of the car during emergency braking. An ABS system monitors four-wheel speed sensors to evaluate wheel slippage.  
SG2008/D Application Summary - Electromechanical Braking (Brake-by-Wire), also referred to as brake-by-wire, replaces conventional hydraulic braking systems with a completely dry electrical component system.  
SG2010/D Application Summary - Steering Electroic Power Adjusted (EPAS) is designed to use an electric motor to provide directional control to the driver of a vehicle.  
SG2036/D Application Summary Home Appliances - Cooking Products. Microcontrollers provide intelligent management programs delivering high precision control over the cooking process.  
SG2037/D Application Summary Home Appliances - Dishwashers. Microcontrollers enable the electronic control which is used to provide a range of dishwasher appliance features.  
SG2044/D Application Summary - Home Appliances. Dryers. New dryer features make this application more energy efficient and better able to meet consumer demands for improved control.  
SG2076/D Application Summary - Robotic Arm. Use of hybrid architecture combining an MPC5xx microcontroller unit (MCU) and 2 to 3 TouCAN modules can be used in applications that range from a toy to industrial manufacturing.  

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