At long last, after a grueling winter off, I was able to get out to the lab and try out my new .01uF 30KV cap on my old coil. And much to my delight...


I guess I shouldn't get too psyched yet...I still need to do a bit of tinkering, tuning, getting better connecting wire hooked up than just Radio Scrap test leads... but MAN...I ACTUALLY MADE STREAMERS TONIGHT!!!!!

I only managed to get two pix off as my dig camera was whining about not having enough battery power left, but I should have LOTS more soon!

I got this pic Easter Sunday showing off my baby to the relatives, who are now convinced that I'm some kind of 'Mad Scientist'...moo, hoo, hoo, haa, haaaaaaaa!

Here's a cool MOV file I made with my dig. camera...please wait for file to load (2.8MB)'s worth it!!! ;)

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