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 How to use:

  <APPLET archive="starwars.jar" code="starwars.class" width=500 height=250>
      <param name="target" value="_blank">
      <param name="delay" value="(0-800)">

      <param name="maxlines" value="1">
      <param name="line#" value="Starwars">
      <param name="color#" value="FFFFFF">
      <param name="textcolor" value="50FAC8">
      <param name="align" value="center">
      <param name="fontsize" value="20">
      <param name="font" value="TimesRoman">

      <param name="mainlink" value="http://www.6sense.com">
      <param name="maintext" value="Starwars by 6sense.com">

 Text Parameters
maxlines[number]Number of lines to process for the scrolling text
line#[string]Replace # with line number. Text for line #.
color#[color]Replace # with line number. Optional different color for this line, otherwise use default.
align[align]Alignment of the scrolling text. (left,center,right)
fontsize[number]Size of the font.
Default: 11
font[font]Type of font you which to use. Limited only to java fonts.
Default: TimesRoman
textcolor[color]Set default color for normal text.
Default: C0E0FF
 Optional Parameters
Delay[number]The Delay speed for the scrolling text
  • (0-800)
  • 150 (default)
target[target]Target of new link.
  • _blank (default)
  • _top
  • _parent
  • _self
 Additional Parameters [ Full Version Only ]
mainlink[url]Web address of the main link which appears on the top right corner when mouse iso ver the applet. Make sure the value is a valid web address with "http://" in front of it.
maintext[string]Text string to display for the top corner main link. This is appears for the viewer.

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