<----------Unbelieveably silly homemade GIF >=) too many primary strikes!!!

Here are a few pics of what I'm going to be using for my project.

Here's the first cap I was able to get from eBay. Voltage rating is more than enough for my needs - I hope that this along with these...

will serve the purpose until I either get a couple big doorknobs, or an oil-filled cap. Unless I'm mistaken, 500MMF = 500pF, which is the value of these ones, at 20KVDC. My conversion skills are a tad rusty =).

Just for the heck of it, I'm going to put together an MMC with these, too.

I'm getting a total of fifty and they're rated at 1000V each at .0022 uF.

I'm going to be getting pics of my 4"x10' PVC core (no, I'm only using 20" of it for now!) and primary coil as soon as I get the impetus to hook up my camcorder video capture equipment (a dig. camera is DEFINETLY on my wish list!). It's kind of a pain in the neck to hook up, and it looks pretty messy with all the patch cords hanging around the desk!


FIRST) The first pulse cap died a miserable death when I had a clip lead waaayy too close to one of the terminals running my JL at the same time, and an arc burnt the ceramic coating around it. Grrrrr...

SECOND) The puny-ass TV caps I got are worthless in my tank circuit, so I guess I'll just hang onto `em for the time being...

THIRD) My fricking lab/shed is in a constant state of deep-freeze now, and it will be some time before I get back out there. I don't want to risk taking a portable heater out there, developing all sorts of moisture (YIKES!) so my TC improvements are on hold until the spring.

FOURTH, AND PROBABLY MOST IMPORTANT) I have a new coil form arriving from my good friends at Ladco Displays! It's going to be an acrylic cylinder that measures 6"W x 30"L x 1/8"T. I strongly suggest any coilers with 'plastic ambitions' contact them...the prices are great (BTW, they're a Canadian-based firm!) and they can manufacture ANYTHING acrylic. Tell `em Frank from TowerGroup sent ya...=)

I also have more pulse caps added to my arsenal! Here's a pic of a few of them...

eBay goodies from AllTronics.com!

And I also have this little behemoth on the way...

Hmmmmnnnnn...little behemoth...does that qualify as an oxy-moron?

Thank you, Larry!!! =) You da MAN!
As I am STILL playing with tuning, we'll see how all of these goodies come into play...I think I'll keep the biggie for my main coil projjy, and use the pulsers for my TTTC that's in the works.

Either way, I'm going to hook up my "DIS-Information Unlimited" 15yr old flyback driven 'sorry-ass-excuse-for-a-TC' this weekend, just to have some spark pics. It'll be a good 'Litmus Test' for the real thing, resolution-wise for my Digie camera I think, too. I think i'll put `em here!

Happy Coiling!!!!!!!!! =)

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