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WARNING!!!  Tesla coils are extremely dangerous and have killed three people.  An expert, a bystander, and a child.  RF currents from Tesla coils do NOT travel safely over the surface of the body,  The currents are conducted through internal nerves, blood vessels, etc.  The arcs from Tesla coils can have lethal DC components...  Feel free to contact me or join the Tesla coil e-mail list at "www.pupman.com" and ASK before doing anything you are not sure of.

With the information on the Internet, Tesla coils are very easy to make by anyone now but the knowledge needed to run them takes a while to understand.  We want to help you learn to run them safely too!!


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This site has about 300Meg of files.  I can burn it all onto CDrom and send it too you for about $5.00  Contact me if interested.