DC Tesla Coil    

DC Resonant-Charging tesla coil

This coil's based very closely on Steve Conner's Tesla Two. Check out the scopeboy website for details if you can't wait for me to get round to trying to explain how it works. Steve does a much better job than I will anyway. For now I've just posted some photos of the coil as it nears completion in the subterranean tesla laboratory.

    The nearly-finished coil in the subterranean tesla laboratory.

It came out taller than I expected, somehow.

      A view of the works. On the left panel is the asynchronous rotary gap (ARSG) without the anti-flashing-whirling-blades cover just yet.

You can see the underside of the primary, the front of the MMC array and some other voltage-multiplying gubbins.

    A closer view of the ARSG. Each terminal will have a tungsten electrode mounted innit.

The Terry Blake-style propellor electrode is mounted in an insulating hub on a cannibalized mini-orbital sander.

      More voltage-multiplying gubbins, and my well-planned-in-advance wiring arrangements. Also the microwave oven transformer at the heart of the power supply, and the long-suffering sander driving the ARSG.  

DC coil construction details           First light           More spark photos

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