This is the new & improved junk box coil with a more efficient 4"x24" secondary wound with 22AWG magnet wire, a bigger 4"x20" toroid, a bigger MMC (increased from .023uF to .047uF), and driven by the dual MOT supply at over 3KVA. Of course, this grainy captured video doesn't do it justice. The new & improved junk box coil produces multiple branching streamers of up to 60 inches length, frequent hits to the strike rail, and occasional hits to the ceiling and garage floor. The top frame gives some sense of the very jerky, frantic, and chaotic behavior of the streamers. The middle frame is a white-hot strike rail hit. In the bottom frame, you can clearly see a deranged 5-footer leaving the viewfinder area for parts unknown. It was reaching for my bench top MOT power supply roughly 8 feet away! I'm glad it didn't hit it! After this video shoot, I moved the Tesla coil a little further out away from the workbench.