Wild Bill Emery and I (with help from Max Hempel) have built a large coil. 19 inches diameter, 57 inches long, wound with 14 gauge enamel wire. Caps are three to four 0.02 ufd pulse discharge caps in parallel. Gap is a tungstan rotary in series with a cylinder gap made from 3 inch diameter copper pipe. Power is a 14.4 kv, 15 kva pig. The most current top is a 6 foot diameter, 22 inch cross section toroid made from styrofoam sheets and aluminum screen wire and aluminum tape. Largest sparks indoors are 12 feet - we will be setting up outdoors soon and expect to push out to near 15 feet.


[24k] Bill standing next to coil. We had to drop the primary down to within inches of the concrete floor to get maximum ceiling clearance. The proximity to the floor did not affect operation one iota.

[63k] Note the spark headed toward the camera, striking a ground wire which was suspended from wall to wall.

[59k] A rather weak spark hitting the door - 11 feet, nice strong floor hits.

[48k] Very hot door hit. This large top (6 feet by 22 inches) was built with the help of Norm Wootan, Jason Lutes, Jerry Gore, Wild Bill Emery, Bert Pool, and several friends at the '98 Texas Teslathon.

[55k] The spark on the left actually nailed the aluminum ladder.


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