Tesla Coils and Their Construction

Tesla Magnifier built by Wild Bill Emery and Bert Pool [193k]

Warning and Disclaimer: This page provides information on High Voltage devices (Tesla Coils) and other dangerous devices which can be LETHAL! It is intended for persons 21 years of age, with a good working knowledge of high voltage devices and the safety precautions involved. We take no responsiblity for anything you do with the information provided on this page. This page is provided for informational purposes only!

To see a very good FAQ on High Voltage safety, go here: http://www.pupman.com/safety.htm




Dielectric Amplifiers in Tesla Coiling

Photo Gallery: Warthog (June/98) coil work.

Ross Overstreet Visits Cowtown (February 2001)

Bert Pool visits Malcolm Watts and his coils and lab in New Zealand!

Photo Gallery: Greg Leyh's Coil (19 images)
Photo Gallery: Science Place, Richard Hull's Maggie 11-E (19 images)
Photo Gallery: Wild Bill & Bert's Maggies (50 images)
Recent coiling activity (7 images, 5 of which are high resolution suitable for framing)
Tesla Coil Design Programs
Conventional Tesla Coil Construction
Magnifier Tesla Coil Construction
Tesla coil & HV safety FAQ, courtesy of Chip Atkinson's List Serve

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