OK. I've piddled around with smaller HV devices before. I used a device that I built from plans from Information Unlimited to make a small plasma globe, and a Jacob's Ladder (I think it was the BTC2 plans; from what I can see it's no longer offered.) Now, I'm going to devote some time & energy into building my first TESLA COIL.
This is just going to be my personal project progress...I am going to include lots `o lynx to sites with beaucoup information on the construction, formulas, theories, etc. on coiling - all of which I am using for this project.


Those new to coiling...read, read, and then READ SOME MORE!!! I do! These fascinating devices can kill! Not only humans, but our computers, our pets - please, do not take this hobby lightly. Think it all through, do a whole whack of research, and coil CONCIOUSLY! If you're going to go into it half-arsed, that's all you'll have left. Or worse.

Another note...
Alcohol and/or drugs + coiling = DEATH!

Don't get ripped and fire up your creation...just to impress yourself or your friends. You probably won't live to see any reaction. I'm not an authority, but I respect HV in any form. I have been bit by TV flybacks, HOT's, and line voltages/current. I really don't have a favorite. PLEASE...BE CAREFUL... read, learn, and don't go overboard. This hobby can be so fascinating, but it can cook you like an ant under a magnifying glass in an instant!

Here's some of the materials I'll be using for my first coil

Updated!!!!! here!.

Pics of my secondary construction Here!

Some GIF's of me having fun with my schtuff whilst the project gels...here!

Links to some great people who have contributed materials and knowledge pertaining to my first coil here!

Update: Thanks to Win'doze' XP, my captureware (AiGotcha2!)doesn't work!!! Soooo ...it'll be some time until I upload new pics. I have experienced first light, but it's LAME! Coil is hellaciously out of tune. Using the "bucket-cap" (laser cap failed after 5 or so runs) I saw on the web (Once I find it, I'll leave a link here...) I got paultry 6" spindly strikes to a grounded object. I'll be shopping for a Dig. camera, and will be posting ASAP. It's kinda cool, but I want STREAMERS!

Hope you stay tuned...it'll be all good SOON!

09/6/2002 News flash....got a dig. camera today!!!
Construction Update - added a few pics from the Shed O' Sparkz!

Will be updating and adding lots! Stay tuned!

Please take a moment to check out my credits page (the java applet is pretty cool, too, if you wanna get the 'spins"!)

NEW!!!Miscellaneous pictures uploaded 01/28/03...

...."it rubs the lotion on it's skin, it does this whenever it's told to..."