This was my 40 amp Corcom filter. I got a hot arc from a "line" side terminal (NST side) to the case. Luckily, everything on my controller was grounded.

This is my mmc. One of the bleed resistors burned in two. The damage wouldn't have been as bad if I had stopped as soon as I saw the flash. I kept running until the resistor burned through the glass epoxy perf board. I replaced the cap and the bleed resistor and I'm back in business.

This is my primary after a long run with massive primary strikes. The lexan literally burst into flames. Again, the damage would have been minimal had I stopped the run, but I had an audience, and we all enjoyed watching the thing go up in flames.

This is my primary after I removed the outer three turns. I never tapped out that far with even the largest of my toploads. I had to remove them, since the burned lexan was essentially shorting the last three windings. While it may not be as pretty as before, it runs as good as ever.

This is my secondary after one of many flashovers. When running at high powers with a large topload and probably too tight a coupling, I frequently get massive arcs from the primary to the secondary. Nothing a little cleanup and recoating can't fix though.

Controller PSU Cap Gap Primary
Secondary Topload Design (.doc) Disasters BigAss Coil