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A long, long time ago, while searching a new cheat for a popular PC-Game, I found out that Tesla Coils are real. So, I wanted to build one myself :)
I first started with a few MOTs and saltwater caps. But I did not have the patience to tune it properly (especially the primary cap).

After a little quick & dirty twin system (powered by an 10kV OBit) I changed to SSTCs.
First I build a "Push-Pull-Converter" with IRF740. It worked - but I wanted more power...
The second device was a Half-Bridge with an opto-isolated gate drive (also with IRF740).
Third attempt: a Full-Bridge FB-SSTC (the one from www.hvguy.com) - driver blew, because it was not shielded!

Now I'm just finishing my PI-SSTC (Pre-Interrupted)!

If you have comments or suggestions, please write a mail or ICQ #142689649

CAUTION: Tesla-Coils, Marxgenerators, Voltage multipliers, HV-transformers produces HIGH VOLTAGE and partially HIGH FREQUENCY. Both of them can damage health, life and electronic devices. In fact, CONTACT with HIGH-VOLTAGE is LETHAL! I don't bear responsibility for the use of the provided information!

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