PreInterrupted SSTC

Project status: DEBUGGING ("classical" CW SSTC mode)

A setup of the driver circuit (PSUs, signal generation, gate driver)

-develop circuits, PCBs,...
-produce and mount PCBs
-tests and calibration
-test setup
-test (12V, 24V, 48V, 230V)
Result(12V,...,48V): no spark output, fluorescent lamps light up
Result(230V): 400V supressordiodes exploded :/D
Conclusion: repair circuit(done) and continue debugging...
To Do:
-run simulations of the PreInterrupted mode
-build case
-integrate relais, fuses
-integrate feedback
-integrate audio-modulation

This is the signal generation part.

red: 2Vpp Sine with 2.5V offset

green lines: threshold voltages for the PI-signal (variable)

blue signal: 50/50 signal for the fullbridge (5V TTL)

yellow-brown signal: PI signal (5V TTL)

To see an animated version of the signal generation part:
-->Movie (366kB/encoded with DivX6.0)
This is the functional overview. But it is NO 1:1 PLAN!!! Just to see the most important functional parts of this circuit.

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