Ross-O & The TCBFW take a Biggg Roadtrip
Oct 20, 2001

Kevin Eldridge graciously invited the TCBFW and me to make the trip up to Oklahoma and check out the Biggg Coil.  
Kevin is a great guy, skilled craftsman, and has done a beautiful job with 
The Largest, Most Powerful Hobbyist Tesla Coil in existance!
All pics are clickable for larger view, larger originals available upon request.

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P2010019.jpg (48597 bytes)

Kevin's Small Coil

P1010019.jpg (91502 bytes)

P1010018.jpg (75058 bytes)

P1010022.jpg (96526 bytes)

Kevin's Biggg Coil - Checkout Run

P1010023.jpg (24420 bytes)

P1010028.jpg (46699 bytes)

P1010029.jpg (42259 bytes)

P1010025.jpg (33017 bytes)

P1010027.jpg (46107 bytes)

P1010026.jpg (45945 bytes)

Bill takes a closer look in the Hot Suit

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P1010032.jpg (45316 bytes)

P1010033.jpg (47406 bytes)

P1010034.jpg (47439 bytes)

P1010035.jpg (37796 bytes)

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P1010069.jpg (81813 bytes)

P1010075.jpg (59388 bytes)

P1010049.jpg (45362 bytes)


P1010050.jpg (41599 bytes)

The Ladder

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P2010007.jpg (58245 bytes)

P2010008.jpg (45975 bytes)

P2010009.jpg (49925 bytes)

P2010014.jpg (47443 bytes)

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I hate disclaimers but I have a sneaking suspicion that someone will get inspired by these photos and go hurt themselves... Do not attempt any of our experiments unless you know what you are doing and are willing to accept full responsibility for any repercussions - up to and including the death of yourself or others!  Every Tesla Coil or large capacitor is capable of causing deadly injuries or lifelong disfigurement.  We have years of knowledge and hands-on high voltage experience. It would be impossible for us to teach the necessary safety protocols via the web so we don't even try.  

 You try this + You die = Your fault.

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