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A Lab Notebook of My High Voltage Projects

Active and Past Projects

High Speed Photography

R&B Twin Coil

6" secondary AC Tesla Coil
Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil
Pulse-Discharge Experiments

HV Fiber Optic Probe Set


Excellent Hobbyist Web Sites
Brian Basura
Richie's TC Page

Terry Fritz's TC Page

Bert Hickman

Aron & Justin - HVguy.com
Ed Wingate
Tesla Coil Mailing List

6" Secondary AC Tesla Coil

Events (with great pictures!)
2001 Biggg Coil Roadtrip

2001 TCBFW Teslathon

2000 SoCal Teslathon
1999 SoCal Teslathon

Various Arc Photos


Misc Useful Info

Measurement & Modeling

Pictures of various HV caps

Scott's Secondary Winder
On the Drawing Board


Professional Tesla Coil  Web Sites

kVA Effects

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