Welcome to my Tesla Coil and whatnot page.

This space is likely to undergo much change in the near future but I thought I better get off my bum and put together something as I had been intending to do over the last 3 years. My name is Mike Novak and I've been building conventional Tesla Coils since 1997, and on the Tesla Coil Mailing list since 2000 if I remember correctly.

Enough with the introduction, I'll make a better one later for those who will actually read it. On with the coiling...

Central "Science Club" Coil

Transformer Winder

Home Made Pig Ballast

Vortex Gap Revisited

Tesla Coil Webring

(Tip: Set your browser's homepage to "http://j.webring.com/go?ring=teslaring&id=265&random" Whenever you hit the "Home" button, you'll go to a random site on the Tesla Coil Webring. Just a little shortcut to improve your Tesla Coil information gathering abilities ;-)

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