Tesla Coil

Well hear it is folks, I just finished my new 2.375" coil, and it is working very nice. It is my first tesla coil! I was getting over 18" constant streamers and occasional streamers over 22". I took a few pictures with my digital camera I will be posting them here. The camera is an Olympus C3000 which takes awesome pictures!

I noticed a few things about my new system, specifically the primary and secondary coil. When I had the secondary lowered down so the bottom turn was even with the bottom turn on the primary, there was a ton of corona around the inside turn of the primary. I was getting alot of secondary to primary strikes. Also streamer length was way down probably because a bunch of the energy was being used to ionize the air on the primary coil. After I raised it above the primary so that the bottom turn on the secondary was even with the primary streamer length went way up, no more corona and no primary to secondary strikes.

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Created on 06/01/02
Last updated 03/31/03

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