Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Updated 01-14-2001

DARPA periodically places a list of projects "out there", which give companies the opportunity to get government funding with which to design and build solutions. The problem areas include munitions and conventional weapons, advanced vehicles, new missiles, rockets, guidance systems, protective clothing, advanced computer systems and software, lasers, masers, Synthetic Aperture Radar, target acquisition and analysis, and much more. They also get into such interesting areas as:


I used the Web Ferret search engine to search for ARPA, and dug through 3,000 links to find these reports, both current and old. You are free to do the same. WebFerret is at:

I combed through a few thousand abstracts and picked out the "good stuff". I then separated it into loose categories and present it to you below. Please browse those areas that are of interest to you. Heck, browse it all, I guarantee you'll find almost all of it fascinating. This is where hundreds of millions of YOUR tax dollars is being spent. But remember, the REALLY good projects would never be mentioned by DARPA or any other government agency on the Internet! God only knows what else is happening. Oh yes, one more thing - do a search on "ECHELON" once you get install Web Ferret. Big Brother IS watching.

Below are the most interesting (my opinion) of the projects that I reviewed.

Click on the link to view the abstracts:

Of course I do not expect you to just out-and-out believe me on all this!

The proof? I found all of this and much more in abstracts that DARPA periodically publishes.

Some examples on the Web as of 09/12/99:

DARPA solicitation information from their own SBIR site:

You can find much info here - just follow links to SBIR on

Also see:

For info on the SBIR program, go visit them! :

For a first hand account of the SBIR program, and how the government cancelled the project and failed to protect the commercial airplanes YOU ride in, go visit Mr. A.E. Pevler, President of Texas Engineering Systems, who was contracted to design an anti-terrorist system against EMP weapons:

Phaser type weapon:

A new law is in the works which would allow law enforcement agents to SECRETLY invade your home and modify your PC with just such a virus when you are not there. See:

Some other interesting DoD weapons:

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