This site has been built over a number of years, some of the pages may seem rather crude.
But it was all a learning experience for me
. This site was built by me.. chester, i dont know too much,
the little bit of information i keep locked in my head likes to vanish mysteriously.. hence this site is necessary.
I also hope other people will learn something.. and help contribute to the pool of information that is this world.

RGB Flashlight - HSB color controll, 16 million colors !!
White LED Lights: The three white LED lights that I built.
Propeller Clock: My Analog and Digital Mechanically scanned propeller clock.
Hand Powered LED Llight: Light using stepper motor to charge a capacitor.
15kw Inverter Project: Inverter design for our new house

SSTC1 : My First SSTC, 10" sparks at 120V 300W input.
SSTC2 : My Second SSTC, 28" sparks at 120v, 10A input.
First Tesla Coil : My very first attempt at a working tesla coil. -- bad page example
BIG Tesla Coil : My 900watt tesla coil setup, vacuum spark gap, MMC.

Spark Pictures : Some pictures that I took with my digital camera.

Random Ideas : What you will find here no one knows.

Who is Chester : ?
Hiking Haleakala: one of the most interesting places ive been.

Hiking Mauna Loa: Hiking the largest active volcano on earth!!
Camping Trip : Hiking down at Apua Point.
Playing With Lava: Yep... bet you didnt know I was that crazy.

Links : To various other sites I feel may interest you.


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